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Louisiana Wave Studio

The Ultimate Computerized Wave Making Water Studio


The Louisiana Wave Studio is a unique state-of-the-art computerized wave making facility designed to create a variety of water effects for movie production, television production, and scientific testing production. The 750,000 gallon, 80 ft. X 100 ft. X 10 ft. deep wave tank is capable of generating multiple wave and swell pattern effects with various intensities, ranging from 2 ft. to 10 ft. high, all customizable to suit your production requirements and visual effects needs.

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Louisiana Wave Studio Facilities

Facility 28 blue walls up
Area filled with water creating waves
displaying blue walls at one facility

Louisiana Wave Studio Water Productions

Filming at one of our facilities with camera crew.
Boat being held above our wave studio
Shot of a town set flooded at our wave studio



Everything you love about filming in Louisiana is still here—great crews and stages, amazing locations, and one of the most generous tax credits in the world, offering as much as 40% on qualified spend. With a $150M annual production cap, Louisiana remains one of the best places to shoot your next project.

  • 25% base credit for qualified expenditures and an additional 15% credit for LA wages
  • Additional 10% on base credit for a Louisiana resident screenplay
  • Additional 5% on base credit for filming outside the New Orleans MSA
  • Additional 5% on VFX expenditures for service performed in the state
  • Maximum tax credit of 40% of the base investment
  • A new “five-year super initial certification” for scripted television series

For More Information, please contact:


Director of Economic Development and Film Office of the Mayor
City of Shreveport · 505 Travis Street, Suite 200 · Shreveport, LA 71101

318.423.7480(C) ·